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to the New London Girls Youth Basketball Association

10,000 Shots Club

Congratulation 2014 Shots Club Participants!!

Congratulations to the following players for completing the 5,000 and 10,000 Shots Club this summer!!  Great job, Ladies!

5,000 Shots

Emily Kling - 6th Grade

10,000 Shots

Lizzie Steingraber - 4th Grade

Paeton Kringel - 5th Grade

Alyson Hoffman - 5th Grade

Lora Korth - 5th Grade

Maya Krause - 5th Grade

Meghan Besaw - 7th Grade

Kate Christian - 8th Grade

Jessica Halvorson - 8th Grade

Jazmyne Kopitzke - 8th Grade

Morgan Iverson - 8th Grade